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Old 18-06-2009, 09:58 AM
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Originally Posted by How bad boy View Post
Windows stuff isn't completely rubbish either and the laptops have gotten far better asthetically over the past few years.
totally agree!! but, where apple develop their OS on their own pretty much tailored machine, I do think you see the benefit performance wise after time. Where as its other companies have had to compete aesthetically with apples's designs not windows themselves, the one thing they have to focus on, they got a bit wrong, and I think that was a shame. Heres to windows 7 though, haven't used it yet(the beta), or seen anything/read anything about it, but I hope it is nice!!!

Originally Posted by daithi81 View Post
Spot on. Sums the whole Apple myth up.
nah it doesn't really.
remember a few years ago, i mean a few hours ago
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