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Old 01-04-2009, 11:57 PM
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Originally Posted by devvy devverson View Post
does that mean that bolivia will beat argentina every single time in la paz????
if so then bolivia would have been the clear favourites... not argentina at 8/15 ....
ive been in la paz, i know about the altitude, but so do the argies.... and so does maradonna.
cant get em all right.
fuckin argies
Because odds are dictated by who bets on who. Punters can get things wrong, but the bookies rarely get mugged. Have a gary off the odds discrepancies on England winning world cup, etc, between British and Foreign bookmakers for illustration of this.

Bolivia do have a brilliant home record in general. They've rarely had a good team (even their 1994 WC team was poor), so there must be something behind it. I'm sure there's a psychological side to it too, but ultimately that's got a sound basis.

In the greater scheme of things for Diego & co, I don't think this one counts for too much.
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