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Old 10-05-2020, 09:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Coach and Six View Post
Start a new thread, this one is about the Daily Mirror's parent company in the UK, who are attempting to take over the Cork online news market via a pretend-local website called CorkBeo that earns money by selling it's users data to hundreds of online marketing companies.

They roped in a former RTE employee as their "editor" to make it look local and he has one or two young helpers who roam Twitter and Instagram for content.

The Daily Mirrors objective is to put traditional local newspapers like the Echo out of business and be the dominant player in local online news markets.

They've a very good chance of pulling this off as their costs are very low, their articles are sourced via social media content (they don't pay journalists to actually pick up the phone to talk to people or research important local politics).

They can sit in the market like this for a long time waiting for publications like the Echo to fail so they can move in and soak up any remaining advertising.

In ten years time you'll likely be getting your local news from a British owned "locally branded" version of The Daily Mirror.
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