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Old 15-06-2019, 04:49 PM
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Originally Posted by thekeeper_79 View Post
Doesn’t drink?? That’s the whole problem, shouldn’t but does. Anyone on medication for mental health issues know the one thing that doesn’t help it is alcohol

I’ve said it before here too the staff in a certain establishment let her away with too much over a few years so she felt untouchable, eventually it ended badly all round.
She’s a grown woman but they’ve a responsibility too to call out inappropriate behaviour and nip it early
Her club are more to blame. Treated like a princess and no one with the balls to call out her behaviour. If they nipped it in the bud on the pitch years ago it wouldn’t have seeped off the pitch as she got older. There is far too much sucking up done to Inter-County players by their clubs. No wonder some think they’re untouchable. Mind you some are great ambassadors too.
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