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Originally Posted by Corcaigh32 View Post
I am basing that on it being CSC. A 25% vote is more than 20% plus 1 but remember it assumes that each candidate would get 25% which in CSC they probably wouldn't. Therefore to have a buffer in a constituency like CSC they will need a higher percentage of the vote nationally. If percentage of the vote translated to seats 1-1 then 25% of the vote would get you 41 seats but that never happens. That is the beauty of the MSSTV PR that we run. It is also why 42/43% is an overall majority even though it is not 50%.
the vote nationally has no effect on the vote in CSC.

The quota is the quota. If SF exceed the quota they'll get a seat.

If they don't exceed the quota they may still get a seat as the last man standing - I just cant see what 25% has to do with anything?
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