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Old 18-01-2016, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Roxetten View Post
Martin topped the poll in 02, 07 & 2011 (after the crash) so surely he will do so again this time out.
Yes or at least he'll have enough votes to get over the line with little difficulty.
Had 10.7k votes last time out - will lose about 1200 from part of City gone to North Central. That alone would get him over the line but he'll also probably pick up few extra local votes with no Clune or O' Leary in the Blackrock/Mahon or Ballinlough side of constituency.
McGrath is the guy that'll be battling for last seat. Had 7k the last time out and though he won't lose too many to North Central, will be tough to make up the extra votes with sitting minister in his part of the constituency.
His brother's vote in 2014 would suggest that he will be in the mix though.
His other big hope is that a decent % of the votes that went to Carrigaline based Paula Desmond last time out will revert to him.
Labour haven't a hope of picking up the 19% they did in 2011 and will be lucky to pick up the 10% vote they achieved in 2007.
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