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Old 18-01-2016, 04:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Corcaigh32 View Post
Current FF percentage is 19 or 20 depending on whether you believe them that's at best late 20s early 30s seats. Bear in mind that people will be voting for a government. Those numbers make an FF FG government the only way FF get into government. That would be FG giving FF a life support system. It would taint the FG holier than thou self image and give credibility to the notion they can do business because they've always been 2 sides of the one coin. This after telling the people for 6 weeks what a demon MM is. Therefore that coalition will not happen. The party memberships won't allow it anyway.

So, there's no way FF are in government. People walking into the polls are not looking to kick the government for Irish Water. They're electing a government. So they'll be little or no transfers unless a candidate has a personal vote and persona which allows it, eg McGrath.

So assume MM finishes 3rd or 4th in the first count. Where is he getting his seat. Meanwhile McGrath is picking up transfers in small amounts from every eliminated candidate. I'm telling you it will be carnage and it will be down to the wire which one is reelected. No way MM walks it.
People walking into the polls are generally voting for Billy,Mick, Teresa who promised them a new toilet for the community center or an extra few bob to fix the pothole outside the shopping center.
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