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Originally Posted by Earth Repair View Post
Have to take issue with earlier comments in this thread running down the Rossport issue as nimbyism and alarmism. This is far from the case, though if one relies on mainstream media for ones worldview it is easy to see how a person might come to think that. It is exactly what the government and Shell would like us to think as it allows them to go ahead with their plans relatively unhindered.
There are direct parallels between the Corrib Gas Project and proposed hydraulic fracturing in the West of Ireland and it is helpful to understand these if one is considering doing something about it.
Here are three very general ones to start with:
Appropriation of natural resources by trans-national corporations at the expense of the Irish people and environment
Ecological damage such as water and air pollution, (as caused during construction of Shell's refinery at Bellinaboy - Carrowmore lake, water supply for the area was contaminated with aluminium.), loss of habitat and biodiversity.
Social damage caused by lack of consultation with local communities.

Utter tree hugging quasi waffle from the build nothing anywhere ever brigade.
(Gay and Lesbian Trotskyist Childrens Origami Classrooms made out of bark excepted)

Shell Ireland are legally entitled to proceed with their works as they have all the relevant permissions and licences from the County Council, An Bord Pleanala and the EPA and if some bunch of cranks who did not attend consultation keep protesting then that is their right but they are breaking the laws of the land. Remember the same shower opposed the electrification of the area.

Shell are acting within the confines and constraints of the law.
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