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Originally Posted by atkin View Post
So you would not mind living in a fracking zone.
No, I would not.

Here's an interesting page:

In Taiwan (where I am right now, waiting out a Typhoon (Pacific hurricane...), they get a 3-4 magnitude earthquake every day.

The earthquakes in Blackpool that caused so much hullabaloo over this side of the world were 2.3 and 1.5

The Richter Scale is logarithmic. A grenade would register on it (as ~0.2), but at a distance, it would be impossible to feel.

The earthquakes in Blackpool are the equivalent of the sort of shaking you get from using big explosives in a mine site. And, of course, they dissipate quickly at a rate of 1/R^2, where R is the distance from the origin. So the intensity at 1km would be 10,000 times less than the intensity at 10m.

Once you understand all that, you realise why the whole talk about earthquakes is overhyped. Yes, there is a chance that once, you'll get something that might cause a little damage. But the chances are no more than the chances of the Whitegate oil refinery blowing up, or the local petrol station exploding.

No such thing as zero risk so course companies do need to take care, monitor carefully and use the best practice methods of drilling, but then again, there's a load of sensationalist crap spouted too.
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