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Originally Posted by Stacky View Post
The Irish Times - Thursday, February 16, 2012The pros and cons of fracking for natural gas


However, the new fracking used on shale calls for up to four million gallons of fluid per well. The high pressure fluid cracks the shale and penetrates into the cracks extending them further. To keep the fractures open when the pressure is later relaxed, a solid proppant, commonly sieved sand, is added to the fluid. The propped fractures allow the trapped gas and oil to flow to the well. The injection fluid is also heavily dosed with chemicals to aid its flow 15,000 to 60,000 gallons of chemicals per well.
This sounds like a vast amount of water, but it's enough to fill 4-5 Olympic swimming pools. Which, in the grand scheme of things, isn't actually that much water.

For some perspective, that's 1/10 of Cork's daily water consumption.

Not totally insignificant, but not as massive as many of the opponents claim.
Originally Posted by Stacky View Post
Tamboran promises not to use chemical additives in any fracking in Ireland.
They be funny.

And lying. Doesn't work properly without the additives.
Originally Posted by Corcaigh32 View Post
Ah stop wouldya, the two aren't compatible. The Rossport thing is alarmist and unfounded and nimbyism - no argument.

Fracking is totally different. There is actual evidence of groundwater pollution from this.
Not particularly good evidence for it being a widespread problem though.
Originally Posted by atkin View Post
Yes fracking can contribute to earthquakes if near a fault zone.
The pumping of large amounts of water acts like a lubricant in the cracks causing movement.
Ireland is a very long way from a major fault zone.
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