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Old 15-10-2010, 06:20 PM
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Originally Posted by mollymaid View Post
hi and thanks for info,ive already been medically assessed by their doctors as recent as september and passed medicals and their doctor couldnt give them a time frame when i would be suitable to return ,im not been paid by them im only in receipt of welfare ,its upsetting as ive always had a great relationship with my manager even though i know shes only doing what shes been told but she probably guessed she could talk me into it .i do feel they want to let me go but if i get a redundancy doesnt that mean my job cant be filled? ill look up tom daly as i havent given her my answer yet even though shes asked me again.thanks again
they usually have to make the position redundant, not the worker. So if someone is doing your job they can't say the position is redundant. You could try to do a deal with them where you tell them if they fire you and give you an ex-gratia payment of 6 months pay you won't sue them? You'd probably have to get a lawyer to draw up a contract to do that.

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