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Old 14-10-2010, 10:02 PM
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Ask to speak with Tom Daly, think he is in South Mall Office, he is an ex-Labour Inspector and very much the person in the know about such things.

As far as i know they can't let you go without you being medically checked over, but at this point they can ask that you see their doctor. Overall its all a bit of a grey area as 90% of industries in Ireland don't legally have any sick pay provisions. However i think that if they do let you go and openly declare that someone has taken over then you would have a genuine case for Unfair Dismissal. If they want to let you go and you feel the writings on the wall then you could ask for Redundancy, which would be worth 2 weeks for every year worked plus 1 bonus week. But either Unfair Dis or Red should be open to you.
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