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Old 13-12-2013, 05:03 AM
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Originally Posted by de mange View Post
hey quit the slagging and the begrudgery - he's offering 250 dollars a week here

you could live like a king on that in certain parts of sub saharan africa

I shouldn't really respond to your comments as those type of comments are posted by someone who has nothing better to do but waste their life building up a post count on a forum.

But on the off chance someone who is interested in the position sees your comments and is dissuaded to read the full job description....

If someone can walk into the job and do everything required from scratch then it would be a high paid job. If you bothered to read the description, it is an apprenticeship. I will teach the person in detail every skill required to run an ecommerce store. I will be paying them to learn!

Just like an apprentice mechanic doesn't get high pay neither will someone learning the ropes with me. When the mechanic qualifies their pay gets higher just as it will with my ecommerce apprentice.

$1000 can offer a great life in Thailand. It would be equivalent to $3000 or more living in Ireland. And money aside you get to have a much higher quality of life with beautiful weather, amazing food and fantastic scenery all the while you are learning new and exciting skills that will enable you to travel the world, expand your mind and live a life far far removed form the type of life internet forum trolls live!
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