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Old 15-06-2019, 08:02 PM
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Originally Posted by The Dagda View Post
It was a thuggish act but he doesn't have a history of such behaviour so I'd be slow to brand him a violent thug on one incident. Thompson does, shes up on two charges of assault and in a game that has much less physicality she is as or more violent then anything the Male game has. For all your guff about violence between women being commonplace it's not in my experience but then again everyone I know have never associated and socialised with scumbags. Thompson by her behaviour is obviously a scumbag so maybe it's more common in her social circles.
Your turn to answer.
Lol, poor effort but not all that unexpected really from Momo.

What about his sending off this year, that's twice there was thugish behaviour, that we actually witnessed without the need for anecdotes from anonymous posters.

By the way she is contesting one of the charges and to be far the other one got a slap on the jaw hardly lock her up and throw away the key. offence
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If you disagree fair enough, spare me the personal attacks.
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