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Old 18-06-2019, 08:24 AM
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Originally Posted by TheEarlofPearl View Post
"I am writing to convey my serious concern at the announcement on 7 May 2019 that Mr Paddy Jackson had been signed to the club"

F8cken tosser, least Joe Brolly is cleaning house on twitter.

Replying to @shamrock7t3 @sirdeco and 2 others
Her own friendís evidence ( that she came into the room and witnessed consensual sex) destroyed the prosecution case. Perhaps you should organise a protest outside her house?
9:43 PM - 13 Jun 2019

Originally Posted by jimmym View Post
I was amazed at the time that dara Florence I think her name is did not become a figure of hate.
Interestingly (it wasn't her friend, Brolly is slightly wrong there) but there was an attempt to discredit the witness, on twitter, of course saying she was drunk so wouldn't have known what she saw. Turned out the witness doesn't drink or at least certainly didn't on the night of.
Yer one Florence called the witness and her friends sluts/slags too, which is a lot worse than anything Jackson said in his WhatsApp chats it has to be pointed out. No mention of that, of course.
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