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Old 04-12-2012, 10:18 AM
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Originally Posted by DibDab View Post
Another hardman,yere fierce boys for running yere gobs but in reality ye would shit a block if ye came within touching distance of one of these lads. Oh an mangee,you thick stupid cunt,how could you send a dog into a closed building???

Good grief

did it really take you 10 minutes to come up with that?
Ya poor cratur

Now, any chance you'd deal with the 2 questions I actually put to you:

Have you ever been in there btw?


What's with this 'you wouldn't say it to their face' argument you trot out regularly?
Having an opinion that it is a shithole full of scumbags is not the same as saying I would walk in there and accuse them all one by one that they are scumbags sitting in a shithole - why would anyone want to do that?
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