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Originally Posted by Cobb View Post
I believe Galway were wrongly eliminated Imo, and I feel the gaa will move to rectify this next year if it happens again that four teams finish level, with the odd one of the four desrvingly getting eliminated next time out, yes Galway only beat Carlow by four points but Wexford only beat Carlow lets remember.
If you eliminate the Carlow results from the equation, the league table stays the same with Galway 4th.
Wexford only beating Carlow seems to be a stick to beat Wexford with, but equally wouldn't it be very harsh for an unbeaten team to be eliminated when you see 2 teams in Munster with 2 losses going through?
However Galway did have bad luck in the scheduling on two counts - having 2 tough away games in the space of 6 days. Also by playing Carlow at home it meant two tough away games. Wexford also had the latter but made hay with it by trashing Carlow and drawing the two tough away games.
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