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Old 23-07-2019, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by One View Post
If you attack people in a nightclub you should face the consequences. Fuck her.
Ashling Thompson was tried in a democratic court of law. The "victims" produced no evidence of anything approaching serious injury. The judge took this into account. The "victim" who rides horses out East, probably has her arse slapped on a daily basis by her oily bosses. Taking a case out there is complicated.
AT is a public figure which is probably why the case was taken in the first place.
Her punishment may seem light but it's far more appropriate than burning her at the stake which some "Corkisis" here seem to want.
She made a mistake, has admitted it so she should be permitted to get on with her life.
There are some on here who have never "made a mistake", apart from being born that is. Do you fall into this category by any chance? 😏
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