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Originally Posted by One View Post
Some absolutely idiotic comments in the past few pages trying to retrospectively downplay Federer's achievements.

He's played 31 grandslam finals, winning 20.

The titles dried up once Djokavic came along? They did in their bollocks. 3 of his 20 titles came in the last two year alone.

Saying he and Rafa only won against the likes of Hewitt and Roddick is a retarded comment that doesn't make any sense as Nadal is one year older than Djokovic.

Djokovic got extremely fortunate with three tiebreaks. It could just as easily been a.straight sets win for Roger.
And in the six years before that, how many? One. Djokovic won 11 during the same period. Kind of one sided, and now that Novak is injury free again, guess what, Federer's wins have started to dry up again.

Djokovic wasn't extremely fortunate in those three tiebreaks. He had 0 unforced errors compared to Federer's 11. Some players respond better than others in big moments.
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