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Originally Posted by afeencalleddan View Post
I'd agree with most of that. While I respect Jol for raising the profile of the club and bringing in higher calibre players than the club has seen for some time, he does seem to be very flawed.

His tactics and decision making are well off the mark at times. I believe he is solely responsible for throwing away the lead at Stamford Bridge in the FA cup. His substitutions were a joke that day. He brought on two known dodge-pots (Mido and Gardner) and invited Chelsea to go on the attack.

I can't stand his love affair with Jenas. The guy has pace and can score a few but while some would say that he was a saviour yesterday I would argue that his constant surrendering of possession was a major contributory factor in Arsenal having the lead in the first place.

Another thing I was disappointed with this season was the bust up with Davids. I thought Spurs could have got another decent season out of the admittedly temperamental Dutchman with some proper man-management.

RCK, I'm not sure Zokora should be in your list of reliable players just yet. I think it'll come in time but I don't think he's quite found his premiership legs yet. He has made a few mistakes and isn't quite totally up to the pace of it yet. He has undoubted ability but hasn't quite stepped up to the mark in terms of real presence. I do feel for him though having to play alongside that gowl!!

I'm surprised that you didn't mention Huddlestone. I think he'd fall into the same "hopefully will improve" catagory as Dawson. His natural footballing talents are a thing of beauty but the physical side of his game is well below par. I read a quote of his which worried me. He said that he's afraid to go into a lot of challenges because of his physical stature. He fears that refs would deem a lot of his challenges as fouls because of his ample frame. That's a total cop out and not something you'd want to hear from any pro.

Malbranque has been well below what I would have expected. He'll have to buck up a bit next season or he should be sold.

Good point on Huddlestone Dan..superb ability and will undoubtedly be top player, it's just been so long since Jol gave him a start I forgot about him. Seriously like Tainio and Jenas start before this guy week in week out WTF
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