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Old 22-04-2007, 12:29 PM
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Default The Official Spurs thread

Ok as we are no longer in the UEFA cup I think its about time we replaced the Spurs UEFA cup thread with the official Spurs thread. I have a lot of thoughts about the situation at Spurs at the moment and feel like unloading them. So here goes

Martin Jol is he up to it! I was gonna post this point a few weeks ago but didn't as it would have been viewed as reactionary(sp) after we got knocked out of the cups. But my feelings are still the same. I don't believe he has got the tactical knowledge to compete with the top managers. Lets take the Sevilla game for example 2-0 down after ten minutes and Chimbonda looks blatantly uncomfortable at left back. We have nothing to lose here. Simple solution for me is go three at the back Chimbonda right Dawson centre and King left this would enable us to push Tainio into midfield also ..his natural position. However instead he decides not to change anything until the sixtieth minute and we were lucky not to be four down at half time. The two goals that we got were more down to fortune in my book than any change in tactics. Also there have been at least four occasions this season were he has substitued a striker for a midfielder or a defender it has backfired more often than not. The main reason however for me questioning Jols ability is the way we defend set pieces. Dunphy has said the first thing he looks at when judging a manager is how his team defends set pieces. It is one of the most fundamental aspects of football and one which coaches of all levels spend hours working upon. I accept we were missing Ledley King but missing one defender albeit a key one does not justify the way we have defended. There is something fundamentaly wrong in our coaching setup.
Jol is one of the most likeable guys around and he done well last season but i am not confident that he can bring us any further.

Of the players we have right now I believe that only Chimbonda, King, Zokora Lennon and Berbatov are of the quality that is required. I have to give an honourable shout for Dawson and Lee though. Dawson will improve especially if he gets to play alongside ledley more often hes young and needs to play alongside someone more experienced. Lee has pleasantly surprised me this season he has put in good performances at left back especially in the second half of the season and I would have no problems with him continuing in the left back role.

Then there is the rest Robinson has been really poor this season and has conceded lots of soft goals. He seems to have no presence and has been a good part of the reason we are performing so badly at set pieces. Robbie Keane has linked up with Berba well and has a good goal return but he has also been very wasteful. Defoes head is stuck to the ground and he doesn't see whats going on around him..for this reason Berba doesn't seem to like playing with him. Malbranque was a bad buy imo and doesn't ad much to the team he lacks pace and is a little limited. Tainio ries hard and does a good job for the team but his first touch is shocking and might just be a little out of his depth. Anyway thats about it for now what do the rest of the spurs fans on the site think of the current situation
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