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Old 07-03-2017, 02:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Stacky View Post
In reality it would be very costly to this state unless the EU & what is left of the Uk can afford to finance the 6 counties for about 20 years on a sliding scale. The pension requirements up there are huge alone. If a hard Brexit happens the perilous UK finances will not be able to fuly fund the North anyway as well as the economic affects of leaving the single market.

That and trying to placate about 1 million + angry Unionists.

Of course all this is depending on a vote where the majority are willing to throw their lot in with the South and more and more Nationalists / Catholics / Protestants see themselves as "Northern Irish" rather than simply "Irish" or "Bratash"

The DUP could suddenly modernise and ditch their backward anti-Gay, abortion rights, gay wedding cake and pro-Brexit stance and get with the times as the younger generation will continue to reject their stance on many social issues.

What is in it for Cork?

Nothing, as the Dublin - Belfast axis would mop up all the infrastructure and investment spend.

Cork gets little enough as it is.
This fascinates me always............

So it's democracy rules but only as long as the unionists are happy with democracy? People slate republicans here for the troubles and rightly so, but the unionists should be allowed and expected to behave to a lesser standard if they lose a referendum on unity?
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