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How bad boy How bad boy is online now
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Originally Posted by Corkonian83 View Post
Rome wasn't built in a day

If I have time ill come back to HBB's post... The world is moving online and less off it. Think how much time you have no access.... minutes, an hour ?

Type "google fibre" into er Google.

Hard drives etc are the past - online is the future. Of all people HBB I would have thought you'd be a proponent of that.
I would be a proponent of it, sure, but hardware limitations just mean its unrealistic just yet. Maybe in a few year time.

Wireless networks are a long way from 100% reliable, even LTE in the 700Mhz bands, while excellent will not be perfect.

There are blind spots everywhere, roaming between WANs and WWANs is still immature, walls kill signals, modern houses are like Faraday cages, mobile networks are terrible ontrains and roaming is still a mess.

These problems will be fixed eventually but t will take years. Until that point, we still need offline, hence the proliferation of on phone apps, instead of web apps.

Fibre won't solve that in the next couple of years at least.

And then there are the issues around data privacy/ownership and battery life.

The last one is a serious problem with LTE which is getting better fast but still a big problem.

For your average punter Chrome is a lot less functionality for only a small amount less. There is a reason the netbook has died...
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