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Default Searchable database?

Hi guys, I need some advice on how to set up the following please.

I am making a site that will need a searchable database. I will want a search field on my homepage where people can search for names. I want the search result to show a page as follows:

(thumbnail picture here) Joe Bloggs

(G) Joe Bloggs in this garden
(V) Joe Bloggs in London
(G) Joe Bloggs in Paris
(G) Joe Bloggs working

When a name is searched for I want it to show the following, (persons name, including a small thumbnail of them and on that page a list of all links shown as a description (not the full URL). I would want to categorise each link as either a gallery (G), or a video (V), using a small symbol.

So, basically each person will have their own record, containing their name, thumbnail pic and numerous links

I know how to set up a Mysql database on my server, but thats it! I have no knowledge of PHP or anything else, so I would really appreciate some advice on where to start with this.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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