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Old 30-11-2009, 01:03 PM
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Originally Posted by KolaKubes View Post

I think fees should come back


Coming from a large family, all of whom are now well educated, in good jobs, and who (with 2 exceptions) pay taxes in Ireland, I'm positive that if fees were around, only one (if any) of my family would have been able to go to University.
I don't really see how that's fair either to the students who are unable to access university education, or to society to which they could contribute.

If fees come back, you would have the more expensive courses (medicine, dentistry, law) populated by mediocre students with money rather than a competitive entrance system based on academic ability. Now I'm not saying that academic ability is the only factor in being a good doctor, say, but surely it's more closely linked than that of the family's income.
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With luck you will be caught by the Isis lads next time you are out to save the world.
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