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Old 15-06-2019, 08:25 PM
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Originally Posted by TheEarlofPearl View Post
Lol, poor effort but not all that unexpected really from Momo.

What about his sending off this year, that's twice there was thugish behaviour, that we actually witnessed without the need for anecdotes from anonymous posters.

By the way she is contesting one of the charges and to be far the other one got a slap on the jaw hardly lock her up and throw away the key. offence
Do girls you know punch others in the jaw often? I honestly have never seen it. I've seen wackers rolling around on the street pulling hair in clumps out of each others heads outside John Grace's but then again scumbags have their own set of morals. Amongst your associates is this common? Have you checked with your club about what she did to your club member yet?

I see you have no answers to my questions in my earlier post after demanding answers and getting them from me. It's to be expected I suppose.
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