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Old 13-06-2019, 07:29 AM
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I know if it was one of my kids I would do my best to get them off.
If the child made a very bad mistake, including killing someone on the spur of the moment, and was later genuinely penitent, then perhaps.

But one of the really weird things about this case, in my view, is how brazen and arrogant the two accused remained after the crime. Christ, they were only 13 years old, but in the days after the murder there was no collapse in fear and horror and shame at what they'd done, but instead they coordinated their stories and fake alibies and continued to play the innocent even when urged to tell the truth by weeping mothers and under pressure from trained and experienced detectives. That's really remarkable in 13-yr-olds.

Their behaviour after the act definitely made true criminals of both of them. If they had felt true remorse in the cold light of the following morning, they would have quickly moved over to the side of decency and law-abiding society and would have brought the search parties to the dead body, ended the agony of the girl's poor parents and confessed their part.

But by lying, lying, lying until forced to the truth by external evidence and the contradictions of their own accounts, they showed themselves to be committed to the criminal mindset.
Boy B's father also said he had no influence on his son in those days.

Neither society nor the parents themselves can tolerate that. These kids put themselves outside society before, during and after their crime and should now be forced to remain there.
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