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Old 18-09-2008, 02:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Proinsias View Post
Incidentally, there's only 4 phones I know of that don't use solid state tech, the two flavours of the Nokia N91 and two relatively unsuccessful phones from Samsung.

Cheers for that , makes more sense alright. Some of those difficulties are enforced though , purely by the fact that the networks are so spread an uneven , there are a lot more variables for the handset manufacturer/ Designer ( ie you ) to compensate for. It might be hard for us to convince the General Population though to accept wireless comms as common and as widespread as Electricity or cables in the ground . Shame that. cause it might help alleviate , even if it wouldn't go far enough to resolve the other difficulties.

( On the Solid state , I was kinda thinking forwards to newer solid state tech in development , probably about 15 years down the line though, that would really drop down the consumption )
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