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Old 20-07-2019, 04:07 PM
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Sorry, it was the week before last when he was on with Tommy Walsh. They were talking about the Cork and KK rivalry and how it was the most bitter of the disputes.

He said he saw with absolute clarity why KK wanted to trample us in Nowlan Park that day in 09, which came off the back of that strike. He had earlier lamented that 06 was the last time we were at a level to call it a proper rivalry. He also spoke of how he now understood why Kilkenny didn't get involved at the time of sock-gate.

I'm not saying the whole discussion was framed around the strikes but there was a real sense of how much of a toll all of that actually took out of the players. When it was all over, they all felt they had longer left then they actually did.

Im inferring off the back of that that the natural turnover didn't happen at the time it should have and that set us back. With Donal Óg at the middle of that whole period, it still seems something that we have to get past.
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