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Old 29-12-2017, 06:27 PM
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Originally Posted by an liathroid beag View Post
Ah!, the abortion lobby's favourite euphemism " Choice" Indeed It would be very churlish of me to object to you personal choice in such mundane matters as choice of ice cream flavours, beer flavours or your favourite condom flavour, Troppy.
However if the personal choice involves a liberal regime of killing pre natal babies I do have a serious issue with it.
The abortion lobby try to dehumanise the prenatal baby, by never mentioning the word baby only fetus. Evidently if you are destined for abortion you are labelled a fetus and if destined for birth a baby. Similiarly they choke on the words "Pro Life" and contemptuously denigrate and belittle people who take a pro life anti abortion stance as "antichoicers"

And finally Troppy, I suggest that you abandon your faux neutral stance on the abortion issue, as to put it kindly you are not very good at it.

Still no link to his proposal eh?
You are full of shi8e m8 and I will continue to pull you and others on misrepresentation of facts on either side regardless of what you perceive my stance to be. The simply fact which you have can't seem grasp is that any info/facts that have been pulled here comes from the pro life brigade. You link me to to any lies posted here by any other group other than pro life and that shall be dealt with as well. Pro life are the only ones attacking people here because of their choice, I didn't see any threads here attacking Mattie McGrath, Ronan Mullen funny that eh? Tells you what you need to know really.

Originally Posted by an liathroid beag View Post
I think you are referring to the Special Olympics and Iceland definitely will have no team
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