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Default Vision

It would be great if you could set out your overall vision for Cork city centre for us!!
Get a grip on City Hall. There is a bullying arrogant ethos there. Ann Doherty insists on going ahead with the Flood Walls, as soon as she can buy her way past the Legal Obstacles. Panaban failed so now they are throwing money at it. Front page stories in the Examiner featuring two Developers supporting CH. Free Parking, at taxpayers expense. Free Events, at taxpayers expense, on Patricks Street, which nobody is attending.
Remove Free Parking Rights for City Council employees. Have them pay like everyone else.
Remove unilateral powers from Fire Officers, particularly the guy who shut The Lobby.
Lose Panaban and OllieBan.

Reinstate on-Street Parking. Given the phone payment and such, it should be possible to do better on Disabled Parking. How about making it possible to Book a space and time, anywhere there is the technology, right next to destination, rather than keeping tens of permanently available spaces empty? There must be a better way.
There are big areas of on street parking replaced by Coke Bike Parking. These and all Bike parking should be relocated to the vast areas of pavement.
Tidal Wall. Repair and clean the sides of the River. Stop paving with slippery stones. Remove the blatantly idiotic contra flow cycle lanes and the dangerous lines of brick used to enforce them.
Cut Rates for buildings used as Venues for Live Music with additional help for those promoting Original. Ditto other Arts. There is a vast amount of empty space above ground floor in the City Centre. This is again a Fire/Insurance thing, with listed buildings not allowed external or deployable Fire Escapes. Other Cities have found solutions.

Vast infrastructure on Patrick Street yesterday afternoon. People in their Tens of Thousands stayed away.

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