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Thanks man, maybe I went too personal over the things that I found hard in hospital but my messege is
if you are at rock bottom and see no way out do not fucking give up. Fight and fight hard for yourself and a friend or family member.
If you have no one go to your GP or if it comes to it A&E but fucking FIGHT for your life, tell them you are near the end, keep bugging them
it's their fucking job to save a member of the public.

Rock bottom is hell and torture but here I am on a Friday after a lazy half day in work and I have a quiet weekend of a bit of hiking with earphones
on and then laying on the couch watching a bit of sport. And those simple things are giving me such a genuine rush about still being here.

This is the PROC we all know it's kill or be killed but I know we are all on board for staying healthy, staying alive and just have the bantz.

Have a great weekend boys and girls and again I'm gonna say if you are struggling, find the energy to get help.

Great post, your personal posts really make it what it is, we do not get to hear near enough of these today as we all are one step or incident away from it, mental health is fragile and still a huge stigma and misunderstanding out there about it. The more people read or listen to such stories will bring a better understanding that one wobble is not the end but can be a new beginning to a better life.

I ended up there myself with alcoholism and depression but it hit me fast out of nowhere like a train.

Being in a rehab or Psychiatric ward even private is no Holiday, like all walks of life you get the good the bad and the ugly there. Also in some ways I think it’s a way to deal with situations and difficult folks when one finished their stint.

Anyhow onwards and upwards.


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So Jack was in hospital with Sinead O Connor?
Jaysus imagine I was wha! Do remember one day going out to the smoking room on our ward with a lady who happened
to be from Cork. A patient who happened to have been thrown off three wards due to them verbally abusing both staff
and patients was in there. (just saying if a "regular" person is thrown off a ward you are basically given your marching orders once someone
can handle your medication etc)

Lets just say after a bit of interaction with staff etc things calmed down.

Lets just say later on when some people went out for a smoke a patient who was chain smoking despite being a devout muslim
said "Get the fuck out my friends here" a female patient from Cork said this is every patients area to smoke and stop throwing
your weight about and came out with a classic to her friend "Fuck you too Geldoff you are a fucking tramp"

Swear to god lads I lost it, was pissing myself laughing, the devout muslim ran into the ward demanding both the smoking area
and inside of the ward where patients chilled out and had a coffee etc was closed down because her friend was visiting.

Not all fun and games though, due to the massive outbust from the muslim, the alarms went off, which means half the ward
is locked as the doors are locked automaticly. It's kind of hard to explain what happens when the alarms go off.

Anyways much banter was had and the devout muslim and her royal friend were escorted out by three nurses
and two security lads who are seriously big fucking lads who need to work there in case anything kicks off.

Once an alarm is pressed those lads are there anywhere within a very big hospital in 30 seconds. Impressive.
Was gas hearing yer wan saying "I'm taking ye to the fucking high court" and being moved to yet another ward
which is kinda grim as there are people in our lovely city and county suffering and even commiting suicide daily.
Two years ago, I suffered from depression and was very addicted to various things. I almost got into rehab, but I was able to stop in time. Now I use weed only occasionally with my friends. By the way, recently, one of my friends gave me a small and unusual bong. He shared with me a link to a website that sells cheap bongs. So if you're interested in buying quality but not an expensive bong, then this is what you need.
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Sad day lads a guy I got to know very well during two stays in hospital has sadly lost his fight against mental illness.
We stayed in touch and he seemed like me to be doing pretty well. I'm devestated he was a absolute gentleman and had some
gas opinions. Very much Langer Dan but less angry!!!

Lads and Ladies if any of ye are struggling reach out and fight to get help.

I'll miss ya bro, live forever.


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