Wuhan Wheeze

Was convinced I had it after getting off a Ryanair flight but the covid test was negative. desperate sore throatd, runny nose and aches and pains. Some bug doing the rounds I guess
Are people still testing for this? Havent even seen a test on sale for months. Used to be in every garage, shop and stand for a while, but thats long gone. The PCR is no longer free either is it?
Thank God for them. I often wonder why we did not just stick with the traditional vaccination method like the above rather than trying out a completely new method for the first time ever on the world's population.
Rather than wondering, why don't you look it up. The answer is very simple and extremely widely available.

Or would the actual answer impact on your ability to spout shite?
Gilbert O'Sullivan
Cork Opera House, Emmet Place, Cork

10th Sep 2024 @ 8:00 pm
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