Wuhan Wheeze

Frank O’Connor

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Hopefully not! It’s mad, it smells absolutely rank, like a bottle that’s been open for weeks, not a hope Id ever drink any again if it stayed like this!. The missus just came back there and I had her taste the wine is all good.

There’s nothing else at all that smells or tastes funny!
My own taste buds are still blunted neatly three months later (though things don’t taste rank). A lot of people I know had the taste affected but it usually went back to normal after a few weeks if not sooner. One lass couldn’t stand coffee.

The Director of the National Virus Reference Laboratory has said that people who were infected with Covid-19 in December and January do not have protection against the current wave of the disease.

Dr Cillian de Gascun told RTÉ's This Week programme that the BA.4 and BA.5 variants currently in circulation in Ireland are "sufficiently different" from the B.A1 variant that caused a very large spike in December and January.

"The problem is that people who were infected with B.A1 don't have protection against B.A4 and B.A5," he said.

Asked if those people were at risk of getting the disease again, he said: "Yes, unfortunately."

However, he said people who got the virus in March or April, when the B.A2 variant was dominant, will have "some protection" during the current wave.”

I had it in February which must be some sort of sweet spot/black hole of doom so

Hank Scorpio

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The BA.5 variant is the most contagious, immune evasive, and potentially deadly and debilitating we’ve seen to date. Rhe symptoms are those of viral meningitis. Not a cold, not the flu.

BA.5 symptoms are fever, headache, neck , stiffness, sensitive to light, irritability, nausea, exhaustion, numbness/tingling in extremities along one side, throbbing muscle and joint pain.


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