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This NU variant is a concern if it travels as quickly as delta did...
True.. it is more of a concern to the rest of the world than to the Africans as they have a lower mortality rate with Covid. I guess if we were still a nation of farmers our immunity would be a lot higher.

Where I am at the moment the next meal is a more pressing concern.

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Ireland’s Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe said the emergence of the new Covid-19 variant may prompt decisions on fresh restrictions in the country.

He also said the Government would be making a decision “imminently” on whether to impose travel restrictions in response to the emergence of the variant in southern Africa.

Mr Donohoe said Cabinet may need to meet on Friday to make a decision on travel issues.

Asked if hotel quarantine arrangements may be reintroduced in the country, Mr Donohoe told RTÉ Radio One: “If it is needed I believe it will be of a very different scope and scale to where we were the last time it was in place.”

He said he did anticipate Ireland would need to make changes in respect of quarantine but he expressed hope it would only cover a limited number of countries.

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