Women’s national football team

The rattlement Rapinoe can cause without even saying a word is something else. Regularly has the likes of Trump, Piers Morgan, the daily mail etc spitting venum. Fair play to her
Do you believe the PGA can't spell "tour". It's a parody account ffs.
I knew it wasn't the PGA account, but thought it was a comment from John Daly quoted by a fake account......
In the twitter rabbit hole to the sewer of human opinion anything's possible
Either way it's thick stupid and not sure why ya'd want to post it, but hey.

Coco Comedy Club: Shane Daniel Byrne and Guests
The Roundy, Castle St.

21st Oct 2023 @ 8:30 pm
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Bad Education (NC) [Pedro Almodóvar Season]

Triskel Arts Centre, Tomorrow @ 8:05pm

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