Woman murdered in Tullamore..

Oh Christ.

No, no, just no.

I am not going back over all of the bollockology about men that was mentioned after that incident in Tullamore.

The facts are the way it was portrayed was all us men are evil when it comes to women, that we need to look at ourselves.

Well we bloody well don't.
Are you not the fella who said you won't let a few idiots on twitter or in the media affect how you act or behave, and yet they seem to have quite the effect on you.


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I have to agree with Liam, I never liked Only Fools and Horses either. Apart from that one scene where the fella leans up on the bar while trying to impress the ladies and falls on his arse.

Reminds me a lot of myself on a night out


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Yep. At 13 years old he is stalking and assaulting women in the street.

Imagine what kind of an adult this feral scumbag will turn into.
I am imaging the race underway currently by the various defence solicitors involved in criminal cases, to represent this individual.

Just imagine the income that a solicitor will receive for decades yet in representing this individual in all of those court cases that are ahead of him, all no doubt at the tax payers expense.

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