Woman murdered in Tullamore..

The fella in hospital in Dublin is now back in Tullamore Garda station under questioning for the next 24hrs. They'll present the evidence to him, ask some questions and finish up with charges. Done deal I'd say.


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Any news on the guy who intercepted the online vigil? That had a whiff of being far more orchestrated than just some loan ranger acting the prick.
They could have done it in such way as to let parents deal with it (if they wanted to, I'm very good at distracting from their awkward questions when the need arises) by maybe saying it was a minutes silence for a teacher that passed away with out going in to the detail. Or just let the teachers have their minute silence in their breakroom with out the pupils.
All day long, every parent manages the information their children receive as they go, its normal. Why a school feel the need to explain to young children that a teacher was murdered is beyond comprehension.

Someone mentioned that children talk anyway, but neither of mine had asked a single question or made any inferences towards having any knowledge of it at all until their fucking principal told them. I had made sure that the news wouldn't be heard, radio in the car off if it was near the hour etc, their friends are too young to have read it themselves, and very few parents are that stupid.

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