Woke School Alert...

Jellys is on the ball here.

Theres been numerous jibes here and in other threads that Mr Burke is a closeted homosexual or that hes engaged in homosexual acts in prison .

As if thats some kind of insult or deserving of ridicule.

Its really puerile, homophobic stuff.
I searched soap as he said and came up empty handed.
Besides, even if jokes were made about dropping the soap,describing the environs of any all male prison is hardly homophobic.
I’m not buying Jellies wum, sorry

Why is it these virtue signalling types are almost always the most intolerant ones once you peel back a few layers?

Mr Burke has been demonised from pillar to post by every dullard in the land over the last two years +.

The court finally ending his indefinite imprisonment is a real moment of sanity finally prevailing.

Of course you had to have the 'hE's ReAlLY a QuArE' type response. Depressing.

Walk tall Enoch, the freedom of knowing you were proven right must taste very sweet indeed.
I wonder is Dan purposefully misrepresenting what happened in Court, or does he really just not understand what happened...
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