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Window companies in Cork

Couldnt see a more suitable place to post this so I'll just ask you good folk. Looking to replace the windows in the house but the reviews for any of the companies in Cork are shady at best. Any recommendation? Please and thanks as always


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Got my plastic windows from probably the major player in the province (since Hele have closed anyway) about 20 years ago.

Am I right in thinking double glazed windows are way more efficient in terms of heat retention now? And is there much need/benefit in Triple Glazed windows for the Irish climate? And if so roughly how much do say a 5 foot by 4 foot window cost?
It’s not worth swapping double glazing out for triple glazing unless you’re changing the style of the windows or there is a major failure. The cost-benefit doesn’t really work out.

Definitely go for triple glazing if you’re currently single glazed though.

I swapped out 7 of the windows in the house to triple glazed last February and I’m already noticing the house retaining heat better. There’s still 12 double glazed and 3 velux windows no still in the house.

I got the walls pumped, rafters sprayed and 18’ of insulation installed tge year before, with a front door that was also energy rated (rare in a door apparently). It got the house from E1 to C1 BER rating.

In terms of poor Google Reviews, I spotted the company I used had what appeared to be a single family go on the attack with online bad reviews. So don’t believe everything you read.

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