Who TF is Stephen Saleh?

He's campaigning for better healthcare for birds.

He's with the Fianna Fowl party.

That was a poultry effort.

He thinks he's cock of the walk.

If he gets elected it will be a feather in his cap.

I wonder will he propose any new bills if he wins a seat?

As far as I'm concerned they can all flock off.
He doesn’t seem to have a manifesto. I clicked on an impressive list of policy headings on his site only to find that each one is listed as “…will be published this week, watch this space.” Instead he has spent a lot of time talking about himself in another section of the website with things like:

Are you single?

No, I have an amazing girlfriend, for over 4 years now named Daina.”

FFS. With a week to go this is bordering on pathetic. The most info I have come away with is that he has an “amazing girlfriend”.

The only thing I can see is:

I believe I can:
Address rising inflation costs
Reduce basic living expenses
Improve consumer protection laws

How? How? And How?

In this day and age a lot of younger voters might actually look up his website and make a decision based on a stand-out policy or two but there’s nothing there except “I’ll be a good boy in the Dáil”.

The “marketing campaign” looks great but it’s not 15 year olds that are voting on the basis of the nicest colours or the quirkiest posters. Ironically there’s no substance. I wouldn’t know what I’m voting for. Stephen can you come on here and tell us what you’ve got boy???

The poor guy hasn’t a chance of being elected. Even if he had started in city hall as a councillor and built himself up slowly he might make it a few rounds.

Even Ted Tynan and yer man Long Hair McCarthy will pull in more votes than him if he doesn’t get off his hole. Should be interesting to see who gets eliminated first.
saw that alright, whoever told him a big picture of a duck should be more prominant than his picture and name should be shot.

as for mccarthy, showing his ponytail on the elecion poster was a mistake. The big hippy.
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