Where in Cork am I?


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I'll just leave this here 'til morning. I'd be very surprised if anyone knew it. I randomly found it by going up a road I must have passed 100 times. An unusual historical area with much more than a well, on the SW coast maybe an hour away from Cork or a little less. I blacked out the name because a Google search had it as the 1st hit!

Never heard of it, just some judicious googling


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Never heard of it, just some judicious googling
Yes, Courtnaparteen. On the road towards Garretstown from Kinsale and take a left down a country road heading for the sea. It has the holy well, a church ruin surrounded by a mixture of old and modern graves and a famine village in heavy undergrowth. It's on the edge of a cliff where the only access to the beach is by abseiling down with the blue rope that's in place. If you were brave enough. Getting back up before the tide came in might be a hairy moment.

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