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The final has a 9.9 rating on IMD with nearly 30k votes..
That Dirty Black Bag

Surprised nobody mentioned this yet, if you like 'spaghetti' westerns but very dark and gritty, That Dirty Black Bag is well worth a watch, centres around a dying town that once had a glorious past as a gold boom hit and has the good, the bad and the ugly characters in it, we have Red Bill, a bounty hunter, searching for a man with a carved dagger who killed his mother, his speciality is cutting off the heads of his bounties and carrying them around in a dirty black bag.

Then we have a farmer with a secret, a corrupt sheriff Mc Coy, a madame who runs the local brothel, it even has Ragnar Lothbrock starring as a much feared Bounty hunter Anderson for a few episodes.

Filmed in Spain it definitely pays homage to the old skool Sergio Leone movies, has everything, gunfights, betrayals, good guys, bad guys, plenty of blood and gore and even seems to have a satanic cult element in it, highly recommended, solid 9/10


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