What TV Series Are You Watching Now?


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Finished The Innocent. Pretty good. A few twists. Worth sticking with I thought 7/10

We've started La Casa De Papel (I was told the Spanish original is better than the Money Heist version of it) and it's been very good so far - about two and a half episodes in. There's 5 different seasons to it so presumably a lot of people liked it. 18+ rated but not seen anything so far that would necessitate that imho.


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Thought he was Hamlet?

I gave up after season 5. Between the lads battlinh Mexcian drug cartels, African American street gangs, Corrupt Law Officials, Crazed Rednecks, Armenian pornographers, Rival bike gangs, and the mother fucking IRA, it just became far too much.
Arra it is a bit of Hamlet, but Gemma is definitely Lady Macbeth (even down to the incessant cleaning!) and the end was very much the "Jesus died for your sins" idea I thought.

I agree that the plot became too convoluted alright.

Hank Scorpio

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Watching Star Trek Picard.


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