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Dear Feens & Beours,

Welcome to the new PROC forum. We brought the old forum software to the Kinsale Road dump earlier and lobbed it into a skip. Some bang of mould and fags off it, in fairness. Served us well, but had to go.

We’ve been working on this new yoke for the last few months having moved to a new server (FINBARR IV) before the summer, and there’s still a bit to do, but we’re pure delighted to let you all in now to click the shit out of it.

Below is a list of some of the new features – or just stuff that’s way better than the old forum. Feedback is welcome via the ‘contact’ button above.

PROC Admin

Easily Embed Images & Video
It’s pure easy to add an image to your posts or just paste in a video link from one of these websites into your post:
Apple Music, Dailymotion, Facebook, Flickr, Giphy, Imgur, Liveleak, Metacafe, Pinterest, Reddit, SoundCloud, Spotify, Tumblr, Twitch, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube.

You can upload an image to your profile that displays on all of your posts. We’ll try these for Full Members for a while to see how it goes.

Push notifications
When someone updates a thread or replies to your post you can get a notification on your phone or desktop. This will be opt-in only so by default you won’t get them.

If you want to enable push notifications click here:

You can choose what to get notifications about e.g. if someone likes your post or if your new thread get replied to etc.

Like Button
Some of you have asked for a Zuckerberg style ‘like’ button on posts over the years. Your prayers have been answered.

Login with Socials
New users will be able to register and login to the PROC with Facebook and Twitter. With your consent, they pass your email address to PROC so you don’t have to fill it out in the regular registration form or make up a new password.

Improved Faster Search Engine
Much better search engine to find what you’re looking for in the 6 million posts Corkonians have made on the website over the last 150,000 years or so of our existence.

Bookmark a Thread
Click on the bookmark label above the first post on any thread to add it to your bookmarks. To see all your bookmarks just click on your profile->bookmarks.

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