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Most are held held for rock throwing and rioting, there was two that I found details on that stabbed Jewish neighbours, one was a 14 year old girl, stabbed a mother, another, a 13 year old boy stabbed a jewish boy.

"Rock throwing" and "rioting" - by children, yes CHILDREN, as young as five! :rolleyes:

The IDF move around Palestine in huge numbers armed to the teeth. You can just imagine what casualties five and six year olds will inflict by throwing "rocks" - most five or six year-olds aren't capable of lifting rocks, and certainly not of throwing them very far. The IDF don't stand on ceremony and have previous for shooting stone-throwers dead too. So spare us the notion that the israeli military are in fear of their lives from rioting by tiny children barely of schoolgoing age. :rolleyes:
The IDF should get a few of these to sort the Hamas feens :ROFLMAO:

According to UN data, one in five Palestinians spends time in Israeli prison at some point after trials in a military court system with a conviction rate of more than 98%.

Before the swaps began last week, the Palestinian Prisoners Society said that 7,200 prisoners were held by Israel, among them 88 women and 250 children.

Many on the initial list of 300 potential candidates for release are held in administrative detention, which allows for pre-emptive arrest, on secret evidence, and six-month extendable stints in prison without charge or trial.

But if you criticise this country, you're anti-semitic. Hmmmmmmm......
Quds News Network tweeted this picture earlier, shocking effort at propaganda.

Quds News Network is a Palestinian news agency affiliated with Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

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