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Perhaps you're still not awake Statty but I've already said while listing examples of the "Good Old" IRA, the Maquis, and the Viet Cong earlier, I don't think any guerilla force anywhere would march out in such serried ranks to take on an army that's vastly their superior in terms of manpower, weapons, logistics, technology etc.
Still, not like the pro-Zionists to miss an opportunity to throw up some "clever" graphic or other :rolleyes:
It was a multi-faceted and long planned attack by terrorists Volunteer Sound_y and not "troops".

Hamas had a very careful secret plan of attack and they duped the Israeli's.

It all went very well until they are currently being destroyed and they now sit on a huge pile of rubble and they have gained absolutely nothing with huge numbers of their own people all dying for nothing while its leadership is far away in 5 star hotels promising more death........................someone else's of course like all brave terrorist leaders.
Seems that langer Tadhg hickey is now pushing the line that nobody knows exactly what happened on oct 7th,
He is a prize prick that fella.

He's very good friends with a friend of mine and I had to endure him in a social setting once, I can confirm his gobshite antics are not just an online persona, he's actually like this in real life.
Just what do you reckon is the average height of a Hamas fighter and how many of them do you think could hide behind a child's incubator or frail grandmothers and her grandchildren in a different f*cking country???????? :rolleyes:

Cowards are the guys in their tanks firing shells at hospitals, or in gunboats firing shells at little children playing ball on the beach. The soldiers armed to the teeth coming mob handed to drag unarmed children away from their mothers and locking them up in cages. They're the cowards.

Why didn't the "Good Old" IRA face off against the British Army in a stand up fight?
Why didn't the Maquis amass all their forces and line them up against the Germans in a staged battle
Why didn't the Viet Cong get all their men together in one area and trade gunfire with the Americans

The fact that you'd ask why a very poorly equipped and supplied native guerilla force wouldn't commit to set conventional warfare against a vastly larger, better trained, and much better equipped army replete with the very latest in military technology shows just how out of touch you are.

Guerilla warfare is always decried by the ones with the much bigger and better army. It's been that way through history, that the smaller, poorer equipped, combatants indulge in hit-and-run tactics. It really shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody - not even to the Zionists and/or their cheerleaders.
"Why don't those fewer and more poorly armed guys come out and face us with our superior numbers and weapons - they're cowards" shriek those with the multi-billion dollar war machine

This very city was burned by military forces who didn't like the fact that the insurgents melted back into the general population. Those same insurgents won freedom for the majority of this country. Were the insurgents wrong to fight the way that they did - or were the "Tans" wrong to burn the city?
Of course much smaller and under equipped forces will have to fight in that manner, otherwise they'd be wiped out. That is fine, but ask yourself if you were a commander in the larger force how would you fight? Would you fight on your own terms or on those of the opposing force?

There is nothing new here, guerrilla forces traditionally blend in with the populace and use ambushes as their preferred means to strike and the larger force because they are fighting an unseen enemy obliterate huge swathes of the population knowing they will take out some of their opponents in the process.

Neither is prepared to fight on the others terms. Both means of warfare are cowardly but both are used to preserve their own forces. What would you do any differently, morality aside, it is the logical approach to adapt by either side.
I would imagine that the Hamas foot soldiers who launched the surprise attack on Israel on 7/10 didn't care whether or not they made it back alive, these jihadists do not fear death, either for themselves or the civilians in Gaza who are now bearing the brunt of their futile and cruel attack on unarmed Israelis on that awful day.

The suffering of women and children in Gaza, which is being inflicted on them as part of a bloody, prolonged and self-defeating act of vengeance by Israel, means nothing to extremists who think that martyred Muslims go straight to Heaven when they are killed.

Just because Hamas have embedded themselves among civilians and use hospitals and schools as bases from which to launch attacks on Israel does not justify the mass slaughter of innocent Palestinian bystanders who have no control over Hamas and who are being used as human shields by those deranged terrorists.

Posters on here who see the slaughter of innocent Palestinians as an inevitable consequence of what happened on October 7th need to take a long, hard, cold look at themselves.
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