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Nice one, Carmy. Only problem is that, as far as I can tell, they don't ship to Ireland.

I know, man, I know. Sorry bout that. I was wondering if anyone would have a peek and say, "Fuppin' Hell, they've got XXX at 8.95, that's a brilliant price"

Otherwise, I might just go with lots of random single or two bottles as opposed to the usual 6 of that, 12 of that....... If memory serves me, they only charge 10 euro for delivery to Lux.

Add the 10% discount for being a member and it works out around €11.50 a bottle. If anyone is aware of better rioja than that for this price I am all ears, great box to have hanging around at christmas.. very nice stuff
Ah, Good Friday has nothing on this Black one. My friends at Vinissimo here in Lux are doing an offer on some stuff. Got the following, all Buy 6 get 12. Unfortunately, the finances are a little on the squeezed side, two flipping kids at Uni in different European cities will do that :(

Got me 12 Morellino di Scansano from Fattoria le Pupille works out at 7.14 a bottle. 12 Montecucco Rigoleto @ 6.67!! No fuppin idea what this will be like, never heard of it before. And lastly 12 Ripasso Valpoli thingamajigs @ 6.96. Christ, I hope they're potable; there's going to be a lot of cheap Italian wine given as presents this festive season if not.

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