The Sophie Toscan du Plantier Murder Case

El Guapo

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Without turning into Jessica Fletcher what are the various theories?

I've heard with no substantiating evidence the following

1. Ian Bailey did it
2. A west cork based garda Sargent with a history of domestic violence since deceased. I'd say i saw this here (PROC) , never heard it elsewhere
3. A French ex lover since deceased. Apparently they found an expensive bottle of wine that was stocked exclusively by irish ferries like £80 in 1996 money so pricey a bottle of which was sold. Was expecting this one to make the podcast but didn't. Can't remember where I heard that one or if its true.
4. A hit job by her husband. No evidence AFAIK, cant remember where but surely the French would have sussed this if so
5. A German national, mentioned in the Pod
6. A Horse, mentioned in the Pod

Any others out there?

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