The Return Of Friday Filth

Myself and a buddy took mushrooms and wandered around Amsterdam. Somehow we ended up in an S&M club but because were were both tripping balls this didn't register until we were inside at bar after ordering drinks from a guy/girl in a gimp mask.

PVC clad folk were boning each other in various positions and there was a lot of dry ice, whips, chains, poppers and pounding gabba music just as the visuals started getting intense so I still don't know what was real and what was hallucination but it was all pretty terrifying and kind of fascinating.

I was out on the street within 10 minutes. I remember running for a long time and hiding behind a parked car.

That place had nothing on The Loft.
Needs a resurrection.

Any good topics, have most things been covered?

Hot nuns and priests?
Can tramps be sexy?
Have you ever flashed anyone?
Have you ever worn ladies underwear?
What’s the sexiest tree?
What’s the oldest person you’ve kissed/rode?
Have you been in an orgy?
Is it weird having sex with a pet in the room?
Have you seen a sex show?

Also, good morning alllll! 👐
I wear ladies underwear most days.
I watched a hot drunk girl do a really sexy dance in Henry's back bar, in the stream of water that used to come out of the ceiling sometimes when it was really busy and the toilets were blocked.

I felt aroused, guilty and disgusted all at the same time. A very Catholic sensation.


As They Must Have Been: Men Of The South, 1922-2022

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